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Apple to Unveil New Headset..

When Apple announces, people listen. This wednesday we except nothing different as it unveils it's mixed reality headset for the first time. This product has been long-awaited by the early movers of the Tech Industry, and points to why Apple is trading at nearly an almost all time high.

Usually at the annual conference for Apple it's talk of a new camera or better battery life on the Macbook Pro to keep Apple customers happy. This time around it must be different. Given the new rapid advancements in AI, the ball is now in Tim Cook's court and they're expected to perform.

In Fact: Apple hasn't released a new category of devices entirely since 2010 - although we have had the airpods and apple watch - often these aren't considered to be new platforms but accessories to the main drivers, IPhones, IPads and MacBooks.

The company has been actively investing in the future with two main categories: Mixed reality headsets and Autonomous vehicles. Both have had their fair share of hiccups, and until wednesday next week, we haven't been able to see what Apple has truly been working on in person.

One thing we've learned is to never bet against Apple. That being said, the ball game is different than it has ever been before. Companies like Google and Microsoft have taken the world by storm with their AI LLM's. If Apple wishes to keep it's spot as top dawg they need to join this AI Generative Reality race and they need to do it successfully, these other companies are not holding back.

The expected cost of the headset is supposedly a couple thousand dollars (no surprise). Meta tried to do this with the Quest Pro Device which retailed for $1,500, and failed miserably. We will see if Apple can rewrite the script with a better product and a loyal customer base.

We are carefully watching the stock in hopes of a potential dip pre-announcement and a possible catalyst play.

Trading at (6/2 pre-market): $180.09

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